Book making for beginners

This course has the title “Book Making” as opposed to “bookbinding” which is a different subject. You will learn how to construct books including folded books, pamphlet books and stitched books. You will learn the basics of handling materials and tools, about grain and papers and how to use them.

When the basics have been covered and understood you will be expected to experiment and sample with these techniques, pushing the possibilities and producing books that are unique and exciting to look at.

Part of the course covers surface decoration where you will learn how to prepare papers for book covers, using paint, dyes and inks. Cord, beading and tassel making will also be included.

You need no experience to access this course other than an interest in experimenting with paper, paint and stitch and a desire to be creative.

The course will be run as a workshop from 9.30am – 4pm. You will receive tuition and demonstration from the tutor in the morning session and then spend the afternoon on your own work. During the course there will be group discussion as well as individual presentation of work. Individual tutorials are an important part of the course You will learn how to keep a visual diary of your work and will create a finished piece for exhibition at the end of the course.

Course fees are £265. Because of the use of specialist materials there will be a £5.00 materials fee at the beginning of the course.

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Runs From:
3rd October 2015 to 1st July 2016
A course of 10 one-day workshops on Saturdays once a month
Joan Newall