Botanical Painting and Drawing with Imogen Collins Thomas

The course aims to provide a enjoyable opportunity for developing drawing and painting skills and creativity, within a supportive group in a friendly environment. The course is designed for those with some experience, but welcomes newcomers and those with more experience who are looking for a challenge. The course aims to create a confident approach to exploring the themes and creating images from fauna and flora in a personal way.

The teaching is tailored to each individual within the group, finding a way in which you like to learn. Everyone is free to work on their own ideas and follow their own interests by bringing along something to draw or paint. Lesson plans are available for a more structured learning experience. The primary aim is for the learning to be enjoyable and fun by experimenting with tools and exploring media in a variety of ways.

The course runs from 10 am to 12.30 pm on alternate Saturday mornings beginning 28th September 2019. Students may join for one term of 8 sessions which costs £80 for those in work and £75 for those not working. A second term of 8 sessions at the same cost begins on Saturday 8th February 2020. The dates for the year are:-

Term 1: 28th September 2019, 12th October, 26th October, 9th November, 23rd November, 21st December, 4th January 2020, 18th January

Term 1: 8th February 2020, 22nd February, 7th March, 28th March, 18th April, 25th April, 9th May, 23rd May.