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Hiring Policy

number 6 studio gallery is a multi -purpose visual arts space. It is operated as a ‘non-for-profit’ facility by nva-nidderdale visual arts, a registered charity.

Hire for Exhibitions

number 6 studio gallery has limited slots in the annual calendar for exhibitions of art work, and submissions from would-be exhibitors are welcome. Submissions should sent by post to The Trustees, number 6 studio gallery, The Old Workhouse Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire HG3 5LE and should include a short written proposal and artist’s statement, a CD of images stating title, media and dimensions of work and proposed dates. Exhibitions are selected by the Trustees at regular meetings and the decision of the Trustees is final.

Hiring Charges


One week – £170
One day – £50

What is included in your hire charge

The space for up to three sessions a day including:

  • Heating and lighting.
  • Full tracking and display equipment including spotlights.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Disabled access to the facility and toilet.
  • Public liability insurance for the space.
  • An induction into health and safety

Commission is not charged on any sales from exhibitions.

Exhibitors should discuss with the facility’s management the conditions and costs of any additional requirements such as the use of the acrylic frames for un-framed work.

What is not included in your hire charge

  • Insurance for works of art
  • Insurance of personal property
  • Stewarding

Conditions of exhibition hire

A completed rota of stewards must be lodged with number 6 management in advance and all stewards must be familiar with the exhibition policy and health and safety issues.

The facility must not be left unattended at any time and the hirer will be fully responsible for all visitors and the security of the premises.

The floor should be left clear of art work unless there has been a previous agreement with the management team.

Stewarding should be discreet.

Hire for studio/workshop/seminar use

The facility is available for hire by individuals or groups wishing to use it and its equipment as a studio or as a venue for art courses and seminars. Applications should be made in writing either by email, or by letter to The Trustees, number 6 studio gallery, The Old Workhouse Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire HG3 5LE providing full details of the intended use and the proposed dates.

Hiring Charges

Hiring the facility for artists to use the facility

One day (3 sessions) £50

For courses organised as workshops with tutors and the use of specialist equipment but no consumables

One day (3 sessions) £60

What is included in your hire charge

The space for up to three sessions a day including:

  • Heating and lighting.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Disabled access to the facility and toilet.
  • An induction into health and safety

What is not included in your hire charge

  • Personal insurance
  • Unlimited use of specialist equipment unless previously agreed as part of the hiring arrangement.
  • Tutoring input

Hirers will need to discuss the following with management in advance:

Workshops and private courses, seminars and meetings, and workshops where there will be children and/or vulnerable adults.

Cleaning arrangements and repairing any damage

Opening up and security of premises

General Conditions of Hire


Under normal circumstances all publicity is the responsibility of the exhibitor or promoter of the event. This includes flyers, catalogue material, press releases, invitations and preview arrangements. All publicity must include the logo of the number 6 studio gallery which will be made available on request

number 6 management can arrange for support with promotional material at a small cost.

Each public exhibition, course, workshop or meeting booking includes a free promotional listing in the diary on the number 6 web site.

Payment of hiring charge

A non refundable deposit of 1/3 of the full fee is required in order to secure a block booking with the remainder to be paid prior to the start of the hiring period. The full cost of single sessions is payable at the time of hiring.

Health and Safety

All hirers are responsible for ensuring good practice in relation to health and safety and for following the instructions and guidance provided.

Hirers should ensure that individuals using equipment are properly conversant with its safe use and comply with any instructions or guidance.

Hirers should ensure that all users are aware the following information:-

First Aid equipment is located in the marked cupboard.

The land line telephone 01423 712216 is to be used in emergencies only.

There is an emergency pull cord by the toilet. The switch to turn off the alarm bell after activation is located by the fire blanket in the kitchen.

In an emergency, the toilet door opens from the outside by turning a small coin in the latch.

Fire extinguishers are located in the lobby and a fire blanket is located behind the door on the side of the upper kitchen cupboard.

The double doors operate as a Fire Exit and the security bar must be unfastened whenever the premises are in use. Hirers are responsible for doing this when they arrive and for replacing the bar before they leave.

There is a fire (flame) alarm in the ceiling. This is tested throughout the building every Monday at 10am.


number 6 studio gallery operates a strictly no smoking policy.

As there are no paid cleaners, it is the responsibility of hirers to leave the facility in the condition in which it was found. Hirers must clean and tidy the space and return chairs and tables to their original position.

Hirers are responsible for ensuring proper use of the premises and its equipment and for ensuring the security of the premises during use and at the end of each session.

As running costs must be kept to a minimum, please inform the management of any breakages or damage and discuss reimbursement.