The Coldstones Cut

The Coldstones Cut is an iconic piece of public art currently built into the hilltop at Coldstones Quarry, Greenhow above Pateley Bridge in the heart of Nidderdale, North Yorkshire.

This unique project was the result of an initial innovative partnership between private business and Nidderdale Visual Arts. First conceived in 2005, it was opened on 16th September 2010 by the Director of Tate Britain, Dr Penelope Curtis.

Created by the renowned artist Andrew Sabin, the dramatic sculpture is designed in the shape of a spectacular Cut through the land and is easily visible from Google Earth. It seeks to inspire, challenge and interpret local themes and traditions through a streetscape between the two environments of the rural uplands and the industrial quarry.

Nidderdale Visual Arts also fronted the education element of the Coldstones Cut which included a commissioned educational video’ Landscape the Living Rock’ made by film maker Sid Perou.